The Benefits of VitalAds

The VitalAds system is really (and truly) easy to use. The system is uniquely flexible, so much so, that as a publisher, you decide how to best use VitalAds by mixing and matching our features to best suit your needs.

That plain old ad server.

Now, try and imagine a quick and flexible ad server to easily handle your site's traffic while you manage your inventory manually. You’ll gain full flexibility and transparency, generate reports with just a few simple clicks, drill down to get all the stats you'll ever need, updated in near real time. Isn’t this everything you’ve always wanted?

VitalAds optimization engine.

Just plug any and all of the ad networks you work with into our optimizer and you’ll start seeing large sustainable revenue gain. The days of manually feeding different networks with more or less performance-based traffic is a thing of the past! VitalAds does it all for you!

Accept direct advertisers.

You can now allow advertisers wanting to run on your site with virtually little or no interaction. You don’t need to be there! You can choose the option that advertisers need manual approval or that their new ads require review/compliance approval before their campaigns are launched.

Aggregate and display.

Let’s assume that right now, you don't want our optimization engine to work on your traffic just yet. Keep in mind that while waiting, you’re losing revenue. However, you can still obtain the full benefits of consolidated reporting from all of your ad network partners via one slick interface. You’ll get very clear daily visibility, to show you exactly how you’re doing, plus the ability to drill down into all your data and revenue stats. The days of manual multiple spreadsheets are long gone!


VitalAds technology draws on dynamic data from current ad campaigns, extracting the data and adjusting it according to your needs and directives. The system’s ability to do this quickly and efficiently enables real-time bidding rates per location for potential advertisers, guaranteeing maximum advertiser traffic and publisher revenues. VitalAds technology optimizes existing ad space, ultimately generating additional revenue. This allows you to accept direct advertisers on your site with minimal involvement - just the optional approval of new creatives. What’s more, VitalAds provides aggregated reporting of all your advertising revenue via an easy to use interface.

Based on our innovative technology platform, the VitalAds system is fully flexible. This means that you have full control of your inventory, including running in-house ads or any other customized ads your site requires, providing near real-time reporting for each and every ad. Flexible also means flexible targeting, where the system gives you immediate control when you need it most. And if you prefer, you can continue to use your own ad server – and forward as much advertising traffic as you want.

What You Need To Know

• VitalAds is a true, reliable self-managed ad server system. It’s a fully automated, user-friendly process that DOES NOT require any direct interaction between publisher and advertisers.

• Using our optimization engine, you can boost your ad revenues derived from networks and direct advertisers significantly.

• As a publisher, you can get VitalAds up and running in just four easy steps:

  1. Sign up to open an account.
  2. Define your ad zones/sizes and swap ad network tags on your website for VitalAds tags.
  3. Paste your ad network tags into the VitalAds system to launch optimization.
  4. Optionally, provide your advertisers with an easy link to the self-managed system.

How It Works

We like to think of it as simple, easy, quick, incredibly efficient – and a combination of all of the above. Because that’s the way it is – and the way it works. VitalAds technology is everything but simple. It’s a big idea in one compact package that’s the very heart of our ad server. We don’t want to bore you with the details. You should check it out and see just how well it works for you. Prove us… right! We guarantee a significant boost in your revenues!

VitalAds requires no real training, even if you’ve never used another ad server. It boasts smart configuration. Unlike many ad serving platforms that require extensive and painful setup, VitalAds needs just a few simple steps to get going. And VitalAds is fully compatible with (almost) every ad network. We support countless networks and we’ll add support for any network that can be supported.

We work hard to be this good and we take pride in our ability to consistently improve our solution. What you think – matters to us. We welcome your comments and feedback.