Who We Are

Innovative technology and hands-on expertise have led VitalAds to a key market position in the development and promotion of customized ad serving solutions for small to mid-size publishers. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Cyprus, the VitalAds team combines over a decade of experience in online marketing campaigns, optimization and monetization to create and market a reliable, self-managed ad serving system.

VitalAds is focused on a veritable mix of publishers from a range of vertical markets, helping generate significant new revenues. Strong technology, coupled with easy deployment, makes VitalAds attractive to publishers from all four corners of the globe.

To that end, VitalAds is supported by the company's in-house team of skilled and experienced programmers and engineers, backed by a strong and dynamic management team. Fast response time, real-time problem solving, dedicated service and support, strong interdisciplinary communications, and no compromises on quality. Simply put, these are the building blocks of the VitalAds system.

What We Do

VitalAds seamlessly manages a broad portfolio of ad networks. We make it look simple because it IS simple. We cater to publishers of all sizes from millions to billions of monthly ad impressions. Publishers who are in search of a comprehensive ad server and reliable optimization solution that’s both easy to deploy and use – and one that’s uniquely cost-effective – this is VitalAds.

If you’re a publisher with an already established website and if you work with several ad networks in parallel – and if you’re looking to increase your ad network revenues as well as mixing in your direct advertisers – VitalAds is for you.

VitalAds is an easy to learn and easy to use solution that includes a dynamic optimization engine to seamlessly manage a broad portfolio of your ad networks.